Collections of Fred Saberhagen stories

  • EARTH DESCENDED. 12 stories included: Young Girl at an Open Half Door, The Metal Murderer, Earthshade, The White Bull, Calendars, Wilderness, Patron of the Arts, To Mark the Year on Azlaroc, Victory, Birthdays, Recessional, Where thy Treasure Is.
  • SABERHAGEN: MY BEST. The Graphic of Dorian Gray, Birthdays, The Long Way Home, Smasher, White Bull, Wilderness, Peacemaker, Victory, Goodlife, Young Girl at Open Half-Door, Adventure of the Metal Murderer, From the Tree of Time, Inhuman Error, Martha, Intermission, Earthshade, Recessional. Out of Print. Rights available from Fred Saberhagen.
  • BOOK OF SABERHAGEN. The Long Way Home, Planeteer, Volume PAA-PYX, Seven Doors To Education, Deep Space, Pressure, Starsong, Calendars, Young Girl At An Open Half-Door, What Do You Want Me To Do To Prove Im Human Stop. Out of Print. Rights available from Fred Saberhagen.

Collections of Science Fiction edited by Fred Saberhagen :

  • A SPADEFUL OF SPACETIME -- (Works by Robert A. Frazier, Roger Zelazny, Chad Oliver, Orson Scott Card, David Langford, Fred Saberhagen, Connie Willis, Charles Spano,Jr.,Steve Rasnic Tem, Edward Bryant, Charles Sheffield, Rivka Jacobs, R.A.Lafferty)
  • PAWN TO INFINITY. (Co-editor Joan Saberhagen. Works by Fred Saberhagen, Gene Wolfe, Roger Zelazny, Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber, George RR Martin, Joanna Russ, Ruth Berman, Victor Contoski, Daniel Gilbert, Ambrose Bierce, Alfred Stewart)