Golden Reflections

Golden Reflections
edited by Joan Spicci Saberhagen and Robert E. Vardeman
Published by Baen Books.
Copyright (c) 2010 by JSS Literary Productions. Individual entries copy righted by the authors.

Estimated date of publication: February 2011.

An anthology containing Fred Saberhagen's MASK OF THE SUN and seven original novellas.


Golden Reflections: Intro the Maelstrom. an introduction by Robert E. Vardeman

Golden Reflections: Origins. an introduction by Joan Spicci Saberhagen

MASK OF THE SUN, by Fred Saberhagen. A novel. This is an exciting book, especially for anyone interested in history. There is a great deal about historical 16th-century Peru as well as highly imaginative alternatives. Among other things, a story of Greed - individual and institutional. There is a struggle for the time lines of history raging between descendents of the Aztec and Inca people. Given in the far distant past by unknown givers, the mask of great power can change the fate of the person who possesses it and the fate of a time line of history.

The Fate Line, by Walter Jon Williams

Wax, Clay, Gold by Daniel Abraham

The Conquistador's Hat by John Maddox Roberts

Eyewear by Harry Turtledove.

Like the Rain by Jane Lindskold.

Remember by Dean Wesley Smith

Washington's Rebellion by David Weber

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