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The most frequently asked question:

Q: How can I find books of Mr. Saberhagen's that are out of print?

A: First try the link from Fred's homepage FRED'S BOOKSHOP. If the book your looking for isn't listed there, try emailing your request to jsabe@berserker.com . Or, you might try some of the on-line used bookstores.

Q: Are the movie rights available to Saberhagen's BERSERKER®, SWORDS, or DRACULA?

A: At present movie rights are available for any of Fred's works.

Q: Are game rights available for Saberhagen's Berserker®.

A: Anyone interested in using Berserkers® in a game either commercial or non, is asked to contact Joan Saberhagen at jsabe@berserker.com.

Q: Are game rights available for Saberhagen's SWORDS, DRACULA or other works?

A: Anyone interested in using Fred's creations in a game either commercial or non, is asked to contact Joan Saberhagen at jsabe@berserker.com.

Q: Should the Berserker® books be read in any particular order?

A: The berserker books can be read in any order. They are a series in the sense that the main premise of the books (villain berserkers and their evil mission) remains unchanged while the problems created for us humans change from book to book. The stories are not written as a time-line series. This said, it's probably best to read the original Berserker book first to get a good grip on the main ideas.

Q: Will there be more SWORDS books.

A: At this point, there are no plans to continue the series. The last book was An Armory Of Swords, a collection of short stories by various authors given permission to work in Fred's world. Fred completed a fantasy novel to connect the Swords series with Empire Of The East entitled Ardneh's Sword.

Q:I wanted to know if I could get a complete list of the names of all twelve

swords and their purpose, i.e. Coinspinner is the Sword of Luck that kind of

thing thank you.

A: Yes. Right here on Fred's homepage. See the SWORDS page for the link.

Q: Would you be able to hook me up with a Lost Swords world map; or someone

who might have some info on such?

A: Sorry, no official map exists. But Jack Cook has prepared a lovely map that can be viewed from


Q: I am a huge fan of the Pilgrim series. I have read After The Fact and

Pyramids. I was wondering if you were planning to write any more

Pilgrim novels in the future or if there were any others already. Thank

you for your time and your incredible novels.

A: There are only the two Pilgrim books, the ones you mentioned. Baen Books reissued these books under one cover called Pilgrim.

Q: What happened to Nestor? Did I miss something? I know that the

general idea was that he died defending Sir Andrew with Townsaver, but

it didn't seem to be confirmed by anyone. Second, are Doomgiver and

Townsaver truely destroyed?



(sorry for shouting -- I just waited patiently for his return with each

release of a new SWORDS book.)

A: Fred replied: I don't remember if I was ever planning to do anything else with Nestor -- but in any case, he's gone now. Yes, Swords once destroyed stay that way."


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