Fred Saberhagen

A Short Biography

Fred Saberhagen (1930-2007) authored over seventy books of science fiction and fantasy and about the same number of short stories.

Perhaps best known is his Berserker® series. Berserkers are robotic space ships programmed to annihilate all life.Among fantasy readers Fred is best known for his Swords and Lost Swords series which began with Empire Of The East. Then came The Books Of Swords followed by The Books of Lost Swords. The three series are tied together in Ardneh's World (2006).
With The Dracula Tape, Fred became the first author to tell the vampire story from the vampire point of view. Nine more Dracula adventures followed.
In The Books Of The Gods classic myths from a number of traditions are mixed and entertainingly retold.
Sixteen Saberhagen books that are not part of any series. Two, Black Throne and Coils, were co-authored with Roger Zelazny.

Fred served in the US Air Force, worked as a civilian electronics technician, and wrote and edited articles on science and technology for the Encyclopedia Britannica. He was born and raised in Chicago. In 1975, soon after starting a full time writing career, he moved with his young family to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fred and his wife Joan have three grown children.



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